OUR NEWS/Products

  • GENOVA: A relaunch under the sign of sensitivity


    Genova, the authentic Italian layer cake, renews itself and goes upmarket to offer you quality and practicality in your consumption.

  • CAPRI: a wafer that will satisfy your taste buds .


    EXCELO launches a new wafer called " CAPRI ".

    This wafer is an optimal quality, through the use of noble ingredients allowing an absolute taste experience.

  • 3 New variants launched in limited edition on Eyo'o!


    Excelo is launching three limited editions on Eyo'o brand and is offering an avant-garde action to enable its consumers to choose their favorite recipe.

  • For the 1st time in Morocco : Excelo launches with Inwi a new promotion ! Mobile Internet refills up to 1GB available inside each pack of GENOVA!


    Excelo announces the launch this month of an unprecedented promotional campaign on Genova, in partnership with the operator Inwi. This exceptional action consists in winning mobile Internet recharge codes - the most popular bonus for young people - up to 1 GB. This promotional action is a first in Morocco in terms of cross-sectoral co-branding.