OUR NEWS/Products

  • Top Cookies innovate and launch Top Cookies Black & White !


    TOP COOKIES BLACK & WHITE is 6 intense and delicious cocoa cookies filled with white chocolate chips for a taste that combines strength and smoothness.

  • CHOCOLATE LOVERS ! Excelo launches EYO'O CHOC'UP!


    After the succès of Eyo'o, EXCELO subsidairie of Anouar Invest holding and one of the biggest players of biscuits market in Morocco, expanded it brand by launching EYO'O CHOC'UP.

  • With XTREM defies the usual crispness!


    Excelo launches the new uncoated wafer XTREM, and associates it to the 2 main superheroes of the Justice League (Superman and Batman) to give birth to an extreme wafer defying any crispness!

  • Adamo Sandwich…The biscuit designed for kids!